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EasyFold Explorer™

EasyFold Explorer™

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EasyFold Explorer

why you need ?

Our innovative backpack design started a stylish revolution around the world! The stylish  'EasyFold Explorer' offers unmatched portability coupled with its ease of use, whilst retaining its classy and minimalistic style. the 'EasyFold Explorer 'make the perfect blend of both a backpack and chair, all in one.

  • Dual Functionality
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Convenience on the Go
  • Hands-Free Carrying
  • Enhanced Outdoor Experience
  • Reduced Fatigue

 the epitome of versatility and convenience for modern adventurers. This backpack is designed to adapt seamlessly to your dynamic lifestyle, offering unparalleled functionality in a compact and portable package. Waterproof nylon material ensures your goods stay dry no matter the weather!

Made For Everybody!

Regardless of age, physical ability, or outdoor experience, the 'Esayfold Explorer' provides accessible seating for everyone (with style of course). It eliminates the need to sit on the ground, making it easier for people with mobility issues or discomfort to enjoy activity comfortably. 

So Simple!

The seat is quietly tucked away behind the pack panel, but easily accessible. Simply unzip, unfold, and that's it!


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